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Abstracts of oral presentations (June 18th and 19th)

Anja Arnhold, Kara Hawthorne, Lauren Rudat, Emily Sullivan, and Juhani Järvikivi

Predicting who he will be: The effect of narrator eye gaze

Geertje van Bergen and Lotte Hogeweg

Expectation management in Dutch dialogue – discourse markers and intersubjectivity

Ana Besserman, Tracy Love, and Lewis Shapiro

When discourse cues lead hearers to expect mention of new information

Oliver Bott, Anna Pryslopska, and Torgrim Solstad

Implicit Causality Influences the Choice of Anaphoric Expression

Vera Demberg, Fatemeh Torabi Asr, Hannah Rohde, and Merel Scholman

Discourse Expectations Raised by Contrastive Connectives

Theres Grüter, Hannah Rohde, and Amy J. Schafer

Discourse Expectations in a Non-Native Language

Jesse Harris and Katy Carlson

When structure isn’t enough: Discourse contrast in resolving focus-sensitive coordination

Keynote Speaker: T. Florian Jaeger

Expectation adaptation during language processing: What can it tell us about processing?

Jeffrey Klassen and Annie Tremblay

Anticipatory focus and second language acquisition: Eye-tracking and production data

Keynote Speaker: Gina Kuperberg

A hierarchical generative framework of discourse comprehension

Keynote Speaker: Lisa Matthewson

No two ways about it: Emphatic assertion in Gitksan

Jennifer Spenader and Geertje van Bergen

Discourse Effects on Stressed Pronoun Interpretation with Biased Verbs

Joseph C. Tyler and Katy Carlson

What comes next: Prosodic boundary and conjunction effects

Thomas Weskott, Simone Gerle, Johanna Klages, and Anke Holler

Is the Re-Mention-Bias of Agent-Evocator Verbs Based on Presupposition? Evidence From Sentence Completion and Mouse-Tracking



Abstracts of poster presentations (June 18th)

Shanley Allen, Ian Brenckle, Neiloufar Family, Kalliopi Katsika, Elizabeth Dovenberg, Lindsay Coffin, and Marlene Schulz 

The effect of discourse expectations in the processing of complex noun phrases by L2 speakers of English

Kate Antonova, Selestia Ganton, Chelsea Legg St-Pierre, Kaitlin Traynor, Nathan Vandermolen-Pater, Robin Wells, and Karsten Koch

Deceptive and truthful language: The case of Rob Ford

Cassandra Chapman, Diane Doran, and Daniel Schmidtke

On the elements of discourse encoded in English evidential constructions

Jennifer Glougie

Witness strategies for rejecting leading questions: The rejection of implicatures and presuppositions in police interviews.

Karsten Koch and Nathan Vandermolen-Pater

Y’know, I’m expressing expectations about your knowledge state: left edge y’know

Ekaterina Kravtchenko and Vera Demberg

Online processing and interpretation of underinformative event mentions

Caelan Marrville and Juhani Järvikivi

Emotional Dominance and Gender Stereotypes in Language Comprehension 

Alba Rodríguez, Michele Burigo, and Pia Knoeferle

Effects of gender-related information in situated language comprehension: an eye-tracking study

Emily Sadlier-Brown, Erin Guntly, Johannes Heim, Hermann Keupdijo, Blake Lewis, Lisa Matthewson, Elise McClay, Adrian Osa-Gómez, and Martina Wiltschko

What do you know when you say ‘you know’?

Filomena Sandalo and Dimitris Michelioudakis

The (dis)association between classifiers and anaphora: the case of nG in Kadiweu

Kailen Shantz, Juhani Järvikivi, Rebecca Cooper, and Pirita Pyykkönen-Klauck

Simulated mood and referential expectation: an emotional tale of fear and fright