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EXTENDED DEADLINE for abstract submissions:
March 22,2015 (11:59pm Mountain Standard Time)

— Note that this is a one-time extension and is FIRM

Following the success of DETEC 2013 in Tübingen, we are pleased to announce that DETEC 2015 will take place at the University of Alberta, Edmonton (Canada)

Dates: June 17-19, 2015

Invited speakers: Lisa Matthewson, Gina Kuperberg, Florian Jaeger

Studies on discourse processing indicate that natural language interpretation is expectation-driven. Even though it is uncontroversial that both linguistic (e.g. lexical items, mopho-syntactic constructions, prosody) and extralinguistic factors (e.g. world knowledge) are used to anticipate how discourse is likely to continue, the nature of their interplay is a topic of ongoing research. DETEC approaches this topic in an interdisciplinary fashion by comparing theoretical, experimental, and computational perspectives.

Topics: We welcome submissions of theoretical, experimental and computational studies on topics related to any aspect of discourse expectations, how they arise, how they may be quantified, and how they may be modelled. Topics may be related (but not limited) to the nature of pragmatic aspects of meaning in discourse (inferences, presupposition, information structure, discourse particles, etc.), evidence source, reference resolution, aspectual coercion, emotion and other expressive aspects of meaning; and top-down expectations derived from real world knowledge such as event structure, or speaker familiarity.


Lisa Matthewson (Department of Linguistics, University of British Columbia) – No two ways about it: Emphatic assertion in Gitksan

Gina Kuperberg (Department of Psychology, Tufts University) – A hierarchical generative framework of discourse comprehension

T. Florian Jaeger (Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences, University of Rochester) – Expectation adaptation during language processing: What can it tell us about discourse processing?


Abstracts must be anonymous, and should be limited to a maximum of one page of text (a second page may be used for listing data, figures, and references, if needed). Pages should be US Letter or A4, with one inch margins, and a minimum font size of 12pt (Times New Roman).

Send abstracts to: detec2015@ualberta.ca

Deadline for submission: March 15, 2015 EXTENDED to
March 22, 2015 (11:59pm Mountain Standard Time)

In the body of the email, include the title of the abstract, and the author(s) name(s) and affiliation(s). Authors may submit a maximum of two abstracts, of which at least one must be co-authored.

Anja Arnhold (University of Alberta)
David Beck (University of Alberta)
Oliver Bott (University of Tübingen)
Jason Brown (University of Auckland)
Marion Caldecott (Simon Fraser University)
Herbert Colston (University of Alberta)
Chris Cummins (University of Edinburgh)
Ewa Czaykowska-Higgins (University of Victoria)
Henry Davis (University of British Columbia)
Joel Dunham (Concordia University)
Alan Garnham (University of Sussex)
Elsi Kaiser (University of Southern California)
Arnout Koornneef (Utrecht University)
Maria Liakata (University of Warwick)
Marios Mavrogiorgos (University of Cyprus)
Dimitris Michelioudakis (University of York)
Anna Pryslopska (University of Tübingen)
Pirita Pyykkönen-Klauck (Norwegian University of Science and Technology)
Hannah Rohde (University of Edinburgh)
Ted Sanders (Utrecht University)
Torgrim Solstad (Zentrum für Allgemeine Sprachwissenschaft)
Jennifer Spenader (University of Groningen)
Robert Truswell (University of Edinburgh & University of Ottawa)
Geertje Van Bergen (Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics)
Roger Van Gompel (University of Dundee)
Andrea Wilhelm (University of Alberta)

Evangelia Daskalaki (University of Alberta)
Juhani Järvikivi (University of Alberta)
Karsten Koch (University of Alberta)
Ruiting Jia (University of Alberta)
Rebekka Puderbaugh (University of Alberta)

Megan Bontogon
Jaslyn Dunger
Renzo Garcia
Atticus Harrigan
Isabell Hubert
Alison Lau
Lena Vasilyeva
John Evjen
Julie Sawchuk
Kendra Schmidt



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