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The preliminary conference Programme is now available.

Programme At-a-Glance

All events to take place at Edmonton Clinic Health Academy (ECHA, map) 1-498/1-490 unless otherwise noted

Campus maps can be found here. Click on North Campus, then the building name for directions.

Wednesday, June 17 – Location: Athabasca Hall, Heritage Lounge (map)

5:00-7:30                     Registration and Reception

Thursday, June 18  

8:30-9:00                     Registration and Coffee

9:00-9:15                     Opening

9:15-10:15                   Keynote Speaker: Gina Kuperberg

10:15-10:30                 Coffee Break

10:30-12:15                 Oral Presentations 1
Chair:                           Kara Hawthorne

12:15-14:15                 POSTER SESSION WITH CATERED LUNCH

14:15-16:00                 Oral Presentations 2
Chair:                           Andrea Wilhelm

16:00-16:20                 Coffee Break

16:20-17:20                 Keynote Speaker: Lisa Matthewson

18:45-                          Conference Dinner at The Common (map)

Friday, June 19        

8:45-9:15                     Registration and Coffee

9:15-10:15                   Keynote Speaker: T. Florian Jaeger

10:15-10-30                Coffee Break

10:30-12:15                 Oral Presentations 3

12:15-13:30                 Lunch at St. Joseph’s College (map)

13:30-15:15                 Oral Presentations 4
Chair:                          Anja Arnhold

15:15-16:00                 Brainstorming Session with Coffee

16:00-                          Closing